Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tali's Boo-boo

We're back! The Lord was so faithful to answer all of our prayers; thanks for praying. I've got tons of fun pictures to post, but for now I wanted to share a conversation Tali had with me today before naptime. She somehow bumped her foot a little and got extremely dramatic about the severity of the "boo-boo." Here's what the little drama-queen said:

"Oh! Tahee boo-boo un foot. Need dahtuh, hep Tahee. Tahee hut! My toe hut! Need ban-daid, Mommy! Foot hut. Mommy fine ban-daid, Tahee foot. Teh Baybee, teh bane-kee, Tahee boo-boo un foot. (We couldn't find her blankie so she wanted Owen's.) Bane-kee in die-uh? Use O-wen bane-kee. (Now she started talking to Owen's blankie and to her baby.) O-wen bane-kee? Tahee boo-boo un toe. Hut toe! Bay-bee, Tahee boo-boo un foot. Tahee ban-daid trib."

("Oh! Tali boo-boo on foot. Need doctor, help Tali. Tali hurt! My toe hurt! Need bandaid, Mommy. Foot hurts. Mommy find bandaid for Tali's foot. Tell Baby. Tell blankie. Tali boo-boo on foot. Blankie in the dryer? Use Owen's blankie. Owen's blankie? Tali boo-boo on toe. Hurt toe! Baby, Tali boo-boo on foot. Tali bandaid crib.")

She's so funny!

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3 Responses to “Tali's Boo-boo”

  1. That's too funny! Zach makes a big deal about his boo-boos too. He always says "Zach owie, knee. Mommy kiss it?"

  2. There must be some magical healing powers in band-aids. Jotham always wants one, "I hurt my foot, I NEED a band-aid." Mommy's response, "Are you bleeding? No, you don't need an band-aid.

    How is that for Mommy compassion!

  3. I think my son is a man of few words. Today he was looking at me over his shoulder and walked into the corner of the bookshelf, which caught him right beside the eye. He did the same thing he did yesterday when he ran into the doorframe (hmmm, maybe he is clumsy, too? :) -- he scrunched up his face, held the boo-boo, and came over to me saying "Ma-ma, Ma-ma," in an injured tone, and then he was off to something else. These kids are funny.