Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Being A Mom on Sundays: What About Their Naps?

I love having my kids on a routine. This is partially because I think that routine does serve them and serve our family, but also because I can sinfully crave predictability. I like my kids going down for naps at exactly the same time, waking up at the same time (if only!), eating at the same time, etc. And guess what? No one consulted me about my kids' routines before they decided what time to start church. (Can you believe it??!!)

Looking at Sundays as something that "gets in the way" of Tali & Owen's routine is a huge hindrance to my joy at church. When I sigh over Owen missing his nap or grumble in my heart about Tali not getting her lunch as early as usual, I am missing the point of Sunday mornings. The point is to meet with the Lord and His people; the point is not for my kids to keep their schedule. What they need most, what I need most is not a consistent routine each and every day of the week. What we need most is a Savior.

As I drive to Sovereign Grace, I want to thank God for the gift of being able to raise my kids in a Gospel-centered church. The fact is that Tali and Owen (and their mommy) need the saving truth that we hear each week much more than we need to maintain my schedule.

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2 Responses to “Being A Mom on Sundays: What About Their Naps?”

  1. I obviously haven't experienced these same temptations, but I can empathize with the challenges. I really like what you said about needing a Savior, not a schedule. I will try to remember to pray for your Sunday temptations as I drive to church this week.

  2. I think this was very wise of you to write a few posts on this subject. As Mom's we all experience these same temptations. But if our focus is not on our own comfort and the predictability of our children... then we can truly focus on our Savior and His people.

    Thanks for the wonderful way you put things in perspective.