Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Being a Mom on Sundays: Preparation Tips

I had a coach one time that always shouted to us while we were running laps or doing drills over and over and over, "Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!!!!!" I don't know that preparing our hearts prior to Sunday prevents all challenges on the Lord's day, but preparing does help.

In this final post about being a mom on Sundays, I thought I'd share some random preparation tips. Pretty much any thoughts I have come from others, so thank you to all you wise friends for helping me!

Preparing for Sundays: Some Tips
  • Talk with your husband about the temptations you face on Sundays and ask for his prayers and input on how you can grow in those areas
  • Thank God for the input your husband gave and seek to apply it
  • Talk with other ladies in your care group about your temptations related to Sunday morning and seek their accountability and prayer
  • Pray on Saturday night: ask for the Lord's help to glorify Him on Sunday, ask Him to give you wisdom in caring for your kids during the service, ask Him to use to bless others, ask Him to meet with you
  • Lay out your clothes and all of the kids' clothes on Saturday (including things that are hard to find when you need socks, shoes, etc)
  • Pack the diaper bag completely on Saturday & then check it over on Sunday morning
  • Talk with your kids on Saturday about what is coming in the morning; we like to pump Tali up for church Saturday night by talking about what all we'll do at church
  • Try to spend your Saturdays with Sundays in mind; don't stay up super late on Saturday
  • If you're able, get Sunday lunch ready on Saturday so that you don't feel rushed when the service is over
  • Pump some worship music when you get up on Sunday morning (we have a regular song that I play every Sunday for Tali as a special little Sunday tradition)
  • Before heading to church (or on the way) pray for the Lord to help you seek to serve others, ask Him to lead you to who He wants you to talk with, encourage, or pray for
  • Leave much earlier than you need to (wow, do I need to work on this one!!!); it always takes longer than you think to get out the door
  • On the way to church, review your expectations with your kids (for us right now this is basically a reminder about greeting people with "hi" and a reminder about worshiping or at least standing up, not climbing up on chairs!)
  • When you get to church, thank God for the opportunity to meet with Him and pray for His blessing on the service
  • If your number flashes on the screen, remind yourself, "This is God's appointed call for me right now; I can glorify Him by joyfully helping my child."
  • If you aren't able to stay in the service to hear the sermon, download it and listen to it at some point later in the week
Ok, ladies, this is not an exhaustive list. Help me out here! I would love to learn from you (whether you are a mom right now or not). What ideas do you have for preparing for Sundays? Please stick a comment in with some of your thoughts. (Jessy Phelps and Barbie P., I know you ladies have some great ideas so you better share some.)

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5 Responses to “Being a Mom on Sundays: Preparation Tips”

  1. No new tips, but I'll share my own versions of some of yours - I like to listen to worship music as I drive to church (although that's a much shorter distance now!), and I occasionally use and really benefit from the "Lord's Day Eve" prayer in Valley of Vision.

    For my situation (working from home on Sunday mornings), I've learned that I have to be completely ready to go (teeth brushed, shoes on, bag packed, etc.) before I sit down to work at 8am. I used to think, "Oh, I can just brush my teeth while the outlines print, and I'll put my shoes on as I head out the door!" - and then I'd be late with the bulletins every. single. week.

    Oh, and I'm curious - what's your special Sunday morning song for Tali?

    (Also, what an adorable picture of Owen!)

  2. Great thoughts, Andrea! Thanks for sharing. I especially like that you've learned to be completely ready to go before you start work. That would really help me if I would get up extra early on Sundays to do that.

    The song for Tali is something by West Coast Revival...I think it's called, "House of the Lord." I love it!

  3. Great list of reminders and some new ideas!
    We have only a short drive to church in the morning so I like to set my mind to remain quiet for those 5 minutes. It really is the only stillness my mind will experience for the rest of the day, so it's nice to have it to get my mind in the right 'gear.'
    Also, like other mommies, I don't really get much uninterupted conversation time, so I like to take some time on Sunday night to think of who God would use me to bless the next day. Then I right them a quick note and maybe add a picture of the kids or something, so that I can give them a quick hug and hand it to them the next day without neglecting my 1st duties. I think God uses it to make them feel very loved, especially when they hang those pictures on their fridge. It makes them sort of apart of our family.
    I really think it is inmportant to make the Sabbath the happiest of all days, from dawn til dusk - more special than any other day. As Spurgeon says: "[the local church] is the dearest place on earth."
    Not only is it a great thing to instill in the kids an excitement to go to God's house (for us it is a whole day event, so we really have to have a big dose of JOY!) but for my mindset and heart preparation, as well.

    Thanks for the great reminders!

    ps- thanks for the call! When I grab a free block of time, I will try and call you back, but don't answer the phone if it is not a good time for you!

  4. Wow, that list was great! I honestly don't know if I can add a thing?

    And I love your heart in seeking to make Sunday so special! Working through this on your blog. It's been a blessing for me to read!

  5. Thanks, friends! Excellent suggestions from wise ladies.