Sunday, July 13, 2008


We fly out tonight at 8pm for a week with Josh's family. It'll be our first flight w/two kids so it should be an adventure! If you think of us, we'd love prayers:

-for the kids to sleep on the plane

-for Josh's grandma to be blessed at her 80th birthday celebration

-grace for Tali & Owen to quickly adjust and to warm up to family

-for my heart to reflect the Savior's, seeking to serve and not wanting to be served

-for Josh's allergies to be minimal and for him to get some good rest

Thank you! I'm off to finish packing...

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4 Responses to “California”

  1. Have a blessed time! What helped me was to keep telling myself that it was all about them and to 'go lower' than everybody else.

    It helps!

    Love, Jessy
    ps - thanks for the bday card!

  2. I was hoping to catch you after church to ask for any prayer requests for your trip, so I'm glad you posted them here. I will definitely be praying!

  3. Yipee!!! Have a Wonderful vacation!

    Praying for you... that God would bless you with a wonderful trip and a time of refreshment!

  4. I will definitely pray for you! I missed your flight out, but I'll pray for the one back. We just flew to San Diego w/o the kids. The whole time I kept thinking--what would I do if I had the kids with me? :) Your late flight out sounds like a good idea. Have fun with family!