Friday, January 29, 2010

They Even Follow Me to the Bathroom

I need a lot of help from God to see the joy in serving my three kids for God's glory all day long. I'm tired. I want a break. Everyone's asking for something and needing something from me again and again and again. I locked myself in the bathroom today attempting to find a quiet place to have a 2 minute phone conversation. Before I knew it there was an obscenely LOUD banging on the door from one sweet little boy who was using his block as a drum (the door being the drum).

My mind keeps going back to Jesus' life here on earth where people were constantly following Him around begging Him for things. He sought out a quiet place to pray and the masses just kept on following Him. Everyone wanted Him to meet their needs. But He didn't look at them and get annoyed or speak harshly or tell them to leave Him alone. He had compassion on them for they were like "sheep without a shepherd." They needed Him and He knew it. Because of His great love for them and desire to do the will of His Father, He served instead of demanding that He be served.

My kids need me too. Who else is going to show them all day long that they are sinners in need of a Savior, desperately loved by the God who sent His only Son for them?

"What is it that keeps a dedicated mother running day and night, year after year, even decade after decade...

She needs to gain and maintain the deep conviction of the glory, honor, and nobility of selfless service. This she finds at the foot of the cross, looking up to the One who earned for Himself "the name which is above every name" (Philippians 2:9)..." -Mark Chanski, Womanly Dominion

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One Response to “They Even Follow Me to the Bathroom”

  1. katie,

    thank you so much for this post...i can SO resonate with your thoughts and feelings. i never dreamed i'd ever consider going to the bathroom alone a luxury!!!! thank you for pointing me to the One who always gave of himself and always looked at the hearts of those following Him. i often remind myself that there will come a day when i will probably long for these kids to fill my home again.
    thank you also for the sweet card you sent me; we love you guys so much!
    Love, patty r.