Friday, January 22, 2010

She Keeps Me Smiling

This is a shot of my sweet girl praying for people. (As you might have guessed, Tali is a unique one.) We keep all the Christmas photos people send us and use them to pray for people throughout the year. The kids absolutely LOVE doing this and it's a great motivation for me to remember to pray as well. Tali's always asking if she can take the pictures and pray for people for a while.

I used to post quotes from her all the time and I'm so sorry that I've gotten out of that habit. Every day she says hilarious things and makes me so glad that she's in our lives. Really, there is no one quite like Tali. So just a couple quotes from this week:

I left Addie Beth in Tali's room while I put Owen down for a nap and told her, "Don't pick her up, just talk to her." Sooo...I came back in and Addie was crying a bit. I asked Tali what happened.

Tali: "Well, I was trying to see if Addie could touch my baby so I pull-ed on her arm."

Me: "You pulled her arm?"

Tali: "Yah, but not off."

Me: "Oh. Well that's a good thing."

I told the kids a teeny bit about what happened in Haiti and have been praying with them that God would help their country and turn people's hearts to Him. So today Tali & Owey were pretending to be different people (this is one of their favorite games) and I heard this:

Tali: I'm Haiti.

Me: You can't be Haiti. Haiti's a country.

Tali: If I put my trust in the Lord, I can be a country.

Me: Hmm. That's a good point. (Not really sure how to respond when she says stuff like that.)

Tali was squeezing Owen with a big hug and said, "Ooh! Owey, yuh so wuhm. I'd like to cuddle you up at night."


There's just no one quite like Tali.

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3 Responses to “She Keeps Me Smiling”

  1. What a sweet girl!

  2. So very sweet Katie! My mom always kept our Christmas cards in a basket and we would pray for them during December. I love the idea of keeping them longer. Love you!

  3. I must send you a photo christmas card next Christmas..would love to have Tali praying for us. Awesome!