Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stockpile of Quotes

I've been storing some up to post so here are a bunch of random ones from my kids...some funny, some sweet:

Me: Tali & Owen, did you know that you're honoring the Lord right now by being so kind to one another?

Tali: Yah. I have fun with my bruh-thuh.


Tali (talking on the phone to Grandma): Well...I've juhst been use-een Momma's nuh-seen (nursing) cuh-vuhs and she has two but I don't have any and I have lots and lots of babies so...can you sew me some? Because I need some for my babies.


Josh has been helping Owen not to grumble when he's getting wiped off from dinner or when he's getting a diaper change by telling him that it's "refreshing." :) So the other day I started to change Addie when I heard him say, "It's ok, LuLu, dohn cry. Lu says, 'Oooh! It we-fweshing!'"


And to continue to crocodile saga...last week when our friends, Angie & her boys were over...

Angie: Owey, do crocodiles live in heaven?

Owen: Um...I'm not willy shuh. (long pause) But Jesus goes in heaven!

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