Thursday, January 7, 2010

6.5 Weeks and Growing!

Our baby girl is growing so quickly! She's not in her newborn clothes anymore and is now sporting the 0-3 size. I've thanked God many days for Christy's awesome thought about "wearing" Addie around to help her sleep (thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing that input, Christy!!!). She went from taking virtually NO naps to sleeping soundly in the Baby Bjorn. Once we got her more into a napping rhythm, we transitioned her to the bouncy seat. As of Monday, she is now able to put herself to sleep with little to no crying and my back is breathing a big sigh of relief! (She may only be about 12 pounds, but wearing her around all day got a bit tiring!) The last couple of days, I've felt like someone exchanged my baby with a new one. She's taking naps on her own and even going longer stretches at night (as opposed to waking up every 2 hours like she was doing)!!!!!! We are thanking God for the changes and praying they continue. I'm wondering how much of her sleeping challenges and crying were due to the thrush & to constipation that came presumably from the medicine...

And on to what you really want: more pictures!

Check out Miss Blueberry! After 4 weeks of Nystatin (which I would never give my baby again), we switched to the highly staining herb, Gentian Violet. After about 2 applications, her thrush was kicked and she was also a cute shade of violet. :)

I took this shot of her today, smiling. She loves to smile now that her pain is gone!

A picture of our girls on Christmas morning, sporting their matching pjs from Grammy.

Owen & Tali love snuggling "LuLu." (Tali generally calls her, "Addie Beth" but Owen is sticking with "LuLu" for now...occasionally he will call her "Ah-dee Beff")

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3 Responses to “6.5 Weeks and Growing!”

  1. Those are great photos. She looks like her hair is red? Glad to hear she is sleeping.

  2. So glad to hear she's sleeping better! And she looks very red-headed in the photo of her smiling on the pink pillow.

  3. so glad to hear this update!