Thursday, April 17, 2008

On the Mend

Here are some pictures to brighten your Thursday!

p.s.- Sissy is back in full force (aside from the now SIX incoming teeth slicing through her gums). Thanks for praying for all of us!

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6 Responses to “On the Mend”

  1. She must get teeth like Caleb--all at once! It makes for some hard days & nights for a while but then I tried to remember that I wasn't going to have to do that 20 times :) Caleb is working on his 2 year molars and then he is finished. He likes to get teeth ahead of schedule. Praying for you!


  2. Sweet pics! Glad Tali's better.

  3. I love the pictures...are you sure you can't just take that window with you?

  4. Can I just squeeze them:) So glad she's better!

    I love how you honored Josh this week! That was a wonderful idea! You two are such a sweet couple!:)

  5. so cute!

    and as an fyi, Saraina's here at my side and says, "Oh! Baby! And that's Tali at church. I love Tali."

    look forward to seeing you all at church tomorrow!

  6. Your children are beautiful! I'm so happy to have a way to keep in touch with you. I'll e-mail soon.
    Kim Henry