Monday, April 14, 2008

Slow to Speak, Quick to Hear

This week my husband is at T4G, enjoying awesome teaching and great fellowship with friends. Being without him always makes me appreciate him more and I want to take the next couple days to honor him on this blog. There is much to say that is worthy of honor, but today I will highlight just one thing. Josh is an incredible listener.

James 1:19 says, "Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak..." In our marriage, my hubby lives this out commendably!

Like most women, I am a talker. :) From the moment Josh enters the door in the evening to the time when we close our eyes in sleep, I want to talk to him. Probably very little of what I say is actually interesting :) but Josh always listens avidly, asking thoughtful questions along the way. I am especially grateful for the way that he listens when I'm sharing something that has been a struggle for me.

As you know, I've been fighting to trust the Lord and find joy in Him, not circumstances. A couple days ago, I was sharing with Josh some details about my day and all about how "hard" it was. Josh patiently listened, though I'm sure it wasn't pleasant to hear me complain and complain. He didn't interrupt. He didn't accuse. He waited until I was finished and then lovingly asked me how I was doing in my heart. After we talked about that a bit and I began to see that I really wasn't honoring the Lord in my attitude, Josh kindly encouraged me to turn away from complaining and start thanking God. This sort of quickness to hear and slowness to speak is one of things I'm most grateful for about my husband.

(p.s.-Josh, this doesn't change the fact that you are "not a man of few words." :) Just wanted to add that in case you were wondering.)

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