Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sick Sweet Girl

We'd love prayers for Tali's quick recovery from the flu & that the rest of us would be spared. (Particularly Josh as he leaves tomorrow for Together for the Gospel.) Thank you!

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4 Responses to “Sick Sweet Girl”

  1. Katie,

    We all will be praying for Tali and for Josh to stay healthy. Luke and Amy are at our house dropping off the kids so they can go to the conference too! If Josh would like Luke's # so they could possibly hook up while there, email and I'll get it to you. Luke said he'd like to see him, if he has any free time while there.


  2. Poor thing! We'll be praying for your family.

    I just have to note: Tali is just as expressive when it comes to making "pathetic" faces as she is with "giddy" faces...

  3. What a precious little face...even sick as she is:(

    Praying for health and protection.

  4. poor little one - sick babies are a whole other realm of what it means to trust God.
    Praying for you, friend!